QR & NFC Marketing

QR & NFC Marketing


What is QR code marketing? 

QR Code marketing is a proximity marketing channel that leverages quick response (QR) codes to bridge the gap between offline and online channels. These QR codes are put up in strategic locations for consumers to scan using their smartphone and access information about the product, brand or offers. Some popular uses is Scan for Contactless Digital Menu; Scan to go to Website, Scan to watch demo video and more.


What is NFC Marketing? 

NFC marketing is a proximity marketing channel used to interact with a location or a physical object at a small distance. NFC tags/stickers are embedded on OOH displays or products. NFC technology enables a seamless exchange of information with just a tap. Some popular application include using Tap (NFC) to Pay. Other uses included TAP to get Discount Coupon or TAP to get product information.

The Combination of these two marketing technologies makes it very powerful because it is easy and quick. For the Non Tech Savy people, NFC ( TAP) is the popular choice.

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